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The first jingle you heard and thought "I'd love that!"

Ok - what was a jingle you heard and thought "I would love to have that?"

I had been listening to Trent and GEM and had heard loads of Alfa and JAM jingles; however, on the BBC ....I heard this in the early 90s on my BBC local and loved it! (TM Studio Jingles)


  • PAMS Series 27 cut 3 Surf
    ...and got it over 30 years later thanks to KenR
  • Great question. Not sure I can cite any one specific ID. My home market had three stations using Heller jingles. Another two were using TM. Those were the ones that come to mind first and that stood out to me. The Heller IDs were all Dick Hamilton written with Ron Hicklin singers along with one of the two TM packages. And that's the problem. The Heller stuff isn't available. Only some of the TM is. And as good a sound as Chris UK gets with his group, I've realized that no one can match that Hicklin vocal sound, at least to my likely far too critical ear. I love Jon Wolfert's work too. Favorite has to be the WLS re-sing of Pro/Mod.
  • PAMS Series #29-"Let's Go Go Go Go Go-o-o"
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    Green Is Go, from the Shaftesbury Music Colourful Radio Luxembourg package, got it in pristine quality, thx to ... (you know who you are).
  • When I was a kid, I used to listen to 99ers radio in Bandung, and they used one of the Z+ cuts from JAM.
    The lyrics went like 'The Original, 99.9, Ninety Niners', and that was before the mandatory frequency changes in 2004.

    At first, I didn't know anything about jingles, but now I know why JAM was, indeed, the #1 leader in radio jingles.
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