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Merry Christmas 2021 from Mark Hodgkinson

Can you hear the sleigh bells? ♫ Can you hear the sleigh bells? ♫ Santa Claus is coming to town! ? Wishing all my JingleMad friends around the world a safe and happy Christmas! ? ?⛄?


  • Mark - thanks for sharing! The video and jingles are amazing!!
  • A Christmas "Cracker" there Mark!

    And a new meaning to the Baubles! (..oh, er, Missus!...)

    Was there some newer JAM resings in there compared with your classic Sky Radio, or perhaps maybe alts/mixes?
    Video stuff excellent too - actually very pro!

  • Ditto Tony's comments! ;) Made my Sunday - Jingles all the way Hodgy o:)
  • Thanks for the kind words guys – I must admit it has taken quite a bit of time to put together, but I’ve enjoyed working on it and happy with how it’s turned out.

    Most of the JAM personal cuts featured date back several years; the classic Sky Radio Christmas TOTH cut (aka JAM Sky #167) is from 2009. This was my first festive jingle and still one of my all-time favoutites!

    A new JAM Personal Cut for Christmas this year is “Cleansweep” cut 9 which was sung last month (the “It’s Christmastime with Hodgey” one). The jingle features in full at 0:31 and again in part acappella form at 1:09. This was also originally a custom cut for Sky Radio in 1995.
  • The Cross FM Xmas cut is nice
  • edited December 2021
    rak wrote: »
    The Cross FM Xmas cut is nice

    Yeah, another of my all-time favourites; I had that wonderful Christmas cut re-sung back in 2018, but reusing the “Merry, Merry Christmas” solo from the original Cross FM cut as I couldn’t better the original lyric (plus thanks to Jon, it saved me paying for the additional solo!)

    The original Cross FM (Japan) version (JAM Cr/8) is much nicer than what ended up in the “Ready Mix!” demo for Mix 105 as cut 16, which is why I think the Cross FM version was demoed in the “Holiday JAM” cut by cut section on the JAM website:

    Sadly, the “Holiday JAM” page of the site isn’t currently indexed and hasn’t been updated since Flash Player became unsupported last year.
  • The JAM "Holiday Selection" is indeed a good cut-by-cut selection though!
  • Very nice Mark. Fun with Christmas Jingles. I had a smile on my face at the end :-) Well done.
  • Nice one Mark. Beautifully put together :smile:
  • Excellent! Happy holidays!
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