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Toronto - Buffalo Jingle Montage 2019

Here's a bunch of jingles heard across Toronto and Buffalo and surrounding areas, recorded off air back in 2019.


  • Interesting!

    And CKFM has come a long way from being the "FM stereo service of CFRB" good music station!
  • The long CHFI cut's end sing sounds awkward. Somehow off the beat?
  • By the way, I got stuff from Cebu City and Bacolod in the Philippines. Do you want to hear it?
  • Yes! I love international radio jingles!
  • Radio stations and jingles featured:
    KX 94.7 (CHKX-FM - Hamilton) - RW's WYCD
    KX96 (CJKX-FM - Ajax) - RW's WYCD
    98.1 CHFI (CHFI-FM - Toronto) - Wisebuddah's Skala FM 2012
    99.9 Virgin Radio (CKFM-FM - Toronto) - Wisebuddah's Virgin Radio Canada 2018 (custom)
    100.7 CHIN-FM (CHIN-FM - Toronto) - JAM's Coastin On, and an in-house jingle
    Star 102.5 (WTSS-FM - Buffalo) - TM Century's Buzz Tracks and Hartford's Hot AC
    CHUM 104.5 (CHUM-FM - Toronto) - Wisebuddah's CHUM 2019 (custom)
    105.3 Virgin Radio (CFCA-FM - Kitchener) - Wisebuddah's Virgin Radio 2019 (custom)
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