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Question on a WABC Pams jingle

Hello Jingle fans. While doing spring cleaning in the garage recently I had the Ipod playing WABC jingles that I had loaded years ago, one of my fav jingles played and it reignited a question I've had in my mind for many years but never bothered to get try and get it answered. I'm looking to all WABC/Pams experts, fans on here to try and get an answer. Jingle is from series 30 and it's an edit down version from the longer 40sec original. It's the weekend jingle featuring the Sonovox with the singers "Won't you come on in, the weekend's fine" You can hear the jingle I'm referring to here:
Now the very end of the jingle has the singers shouting "Yeah" I grew up with WABC when they were at the top of their game in the sixties. I seem to remember at some point a slight change was made to that jingle, the "yeah" was eliminated and the jingle track just played to its normal finish, no edit to the audio. I remember thinking hey where did the shout go?
So does anyone remember hearing the jingle without the "yeah" or am I having a "senior moment(s)" in regards to this?
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Green Bay


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    While hardly an expert in this area, here is my take as one who has been using Series 30 jingles for decades. I have attached links to the cut (Series 30 "Weekend' Cut #26). The first item in the Soundcloud file is what I believe was the 'air' version of the Series 30 "Weekend' track. It lacks the 'YEAH' at the end which was probably an edit. I've heard versions of this track that do have the 'YEAH' end, I am unsure if those were so produced, or also later edits. The track also includes my edit showing how the track would sound with a YEAH at the end (that I cribbed from a JAM track), and the third is the air version I've been using for about 20 or so years. Somehow, it does sounds better with a big fat 'YEAH" at the end!

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  • Problem fixed Glen, Thanks!
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    There is no 'yeah' at the end of this jingle on the KenR air versions of WABC.
  • WQAM Miami's version had the "yeah"!

    No "yeah" on this bit of audio editing - for "obvious reasons"!

  • Thanks!!!
  • I concur with BA --NO "Yeah"on Series 30 "Air"versions.
  • Thanks for the input guys appreciate it. I guess I wasn't having a senior moment in regards to the Yeah.
    I don't quite understand BA's comment about Ken R's "air" versions of WABC. Is he referring to Ken R's re-sings for stations/individuals when he had rights to PAMS material, not actually re-sings that ran on WABC?
    Green Bay
  • once upon a time, when the 'real' pams was in business, they were very liberal with their "sample" tapes.
    in most cases, the call sign used in the demos was WABC, however, the demo was not always the same version WABC was running on air. thus, it became necessary to state if the cut was the factory demo, or the actual performance air version.
  • there are lots of versions of the same cut
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    Bobgreenradio is correct. To clarify, I was referring to the Pams WABC air versions that were on the KENR cd.
    Also, to complicate the matter, 're-sings' means different things to different collectors. In the UK they use it to say a station ordered a package. When I started collecting in the US, re-sings meant a station had a package re-sung due to technical or vocal issues.
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    Good point from Bruce - on this side of the Pond we're indeed so used to "re-sing/resing" meaning a "series package" item backing track
    being freshly sung to a customised lyric under syndication for another client other than the original custom commissioning.

    Admittedly, there are examples of cuts being "sung again" because e.g. pronounciation being "not quite right" (has indeed happened to me,
    but got "put right" I'm pleased to say, and was happy to go back again for another order at another time).

    Bob's comment about "Factory demo" versus "air" is a good one - so "just for fun", for anyone that hasn't ever heard the difference,
    here's the example of some PAMS 27 WABC demo cuts versus the lyrics/vocals that aired in New York (...or...not...(?) ;) )

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    Speaking of WABC series 27, didn't JAM do some new resings of this package around 2000 for WABC?
    They played some on-air that I thought were new at the time.

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    Yes, they did--which was the cause of some "controversy" on
    "Another" jingles site--as i maintained--while others who didn't know, disagreed--the package was called "SuperTalk"-- and SOME folks on THAT site owe me an APOLOGY..:)
    Hear it here:
  • Thanks for posting that. I remember a sonovox cut and the "Pam's 27" New York City cut as well.
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