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A Ben Freedman cut "BATMAN" for Steve Jenkinson (Jenko) The full cut and with all of the elements.

For those of a certain vintage, like me, ... OLD! Here is a cut from Ben Freedman. He sent me a demo of this cut he had done for a Dutch gentleman and asked if I would like one? I said YES PLEASE! So, here is the full cut and all of the elements featuring the girls and boys. Saldy, Ben passed away a few years after making this for me. He is greatly missed. A good friend of mine for many years. Nice to hear Ben's voice too! Anyway, a wee bit of fun ... enjoy the cut. Steve.


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    Always found it bizarre that Ben would have separate sessions between the "guys" and "gals"
    for "econony reasons", then sticking all the bits back together again - but that "business model"
    worked for him.

    PS - Steve - do we get to hear the "full jingle" i.e. with the track under the vocals, rather than just the
    acapalla mixouts?
  • Hello Iain. This was just an acapella cut. No music track at all. Just thought I would have one for a giggle! Steve
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    music bed? sure! if ben gave you his "I.R.S." bundle, the 'thatman' bed is in it, and you easily can drop the dry stuff you have on it, which is why ben did the split sessions. made it real easy to build out dozens of versions of his stuff
  • Hello Bob. Thank you. Yes, I have IRS plus Promo Banks 1 & 2 .... I'll look for it ... thanks.... he never mentioned it at the time. Steve.
  • Hello again Bob. I have searched all the IRS stuff (5 cd's) and can't find it! Nothing on PDF searches on IRS and on PB's 1 & 11. Just the "thatman" acapella. The latest I.R.S. I have was in 2009 from Ben. Can you help please? Thank you. Steve.
  • sorry for the delay. i dont check in as often lately so i just now see your note. i shall find it and let you know. depending on which version of bens cobbled together cuts, theres a ton of stuff often missed. and it is all easy to work with.
  • Thanks Bob. I have searched and searched, however, to no avail! You help would be wonderful Thanks again .. Steve
  • I just checked the PDFs that came with the purchases (Promo Bank & Instant Radio Station) and I couldn't find anything with the phrase "thatman". It would be pretty tough to go through the entire audio content in order to find the right cut. :neutral:
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    I wouldn’t go to the trouble of going through the entire catalogue as I think Bob could be mistaken. Surely Ben would have told Steve about this it if it were true?

    I have certainly never heard any Batman themed cuts on any of the Ben Freedman non-custom productions such as "Promo Bank" & "Instant Radio Station" that I’ve heard. In any case, I would imagine Ben would have been unable to include such tracks due to copyright – and probably the same reason Steve only got the acappella in the first place.
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  • Thank you. Yes, checked ALL IRS and both Promo Banks and not there. Also, as you know, Ben's cuts often would "bleed" the backing track with each element given with all the various mix-outs. Therefore, another reason I believe the track did not exsist. I just love it for what it is .... a bit of fun. Thank you all for your wonderful help. Steve.
  • But random but is there a way to get in contact with you ? I knew you a long time ago
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    Always found it bizarre that Ben would have separate sessions between the "guys" and "gals"

    for "econony reasons", then sticking all the bits back together again - but that "business model"

    worked for him.


    Actually if you have heard the behind the scenes audio that’s how Alfa did on several of the customs , as Steve demonstrated this on the BBC Radio London Jingles

    I don’t get how this would be called economy reasons as if you have 5 singers to pay for example if they all turn up in one session

    Or you have girls in one session
    Guys in another session
    And bass guy in last session

    Can’t see how you have saved any cash as the cost would be the same rate per singer and would have taken longer to record

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