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Denise Johnson

Tony Harding shared a post.
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Very sad news last night about the passing of Denise Johnson. She sang on quite a few Alfa packages and actually lived very close to St. Martin's. A true Manchester music legend, an infectious smile and what a voice! Your voice will always be truly appreciated & you will be missed Denise x


  • Saw the general news story, but didn't know she had done work for Alfasound.

    Any particular package examples of her work?

  • I posted the same question on Facebook but never got an answer, but can’t recall her on any of the Alfa jingles

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    Martin, with a bit of digging, I found this now-expired link to something from 10 years ago:-

    Oman's HI FM from S2Blue – › 2010/06/09
    9 Jun 2010 - ... on this occasion provided by noted Manchester singer Denise Johnson, who ... I'd wanted to use Denise as a featured soloist on a package for a while ... at:

    And a bit on the Steve England / S2blue site:-
    about a week ago
    Saddened by the news of Denise Johnson last night. We'd worked with Denise on a number of projects and she was always such a lovely person to work with! An amazing voice and a Manchester legend with stories to match. She actually lived close to our studios in Sale. Thinking of all her friends and family. You'll be missed Denise x"

  • Sorry to hear about Denise's passing. Which Alfasound packages was she featured on? Maybe even the stuff produced for Radio in Ireland at the start of the 90's.
    I do remember the very excellent sheila gott who I always loved on ILR id's. I recall in particular her work on Viking..Stereo gold, the 60s etc. I understand Sheila was also a performer on stage too? Anyone advise me of Sheila nowadays? Thanks Guys.

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