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KLIF 1964

Does anyone know what jingles KLIF were airing in 1964? John Peel was working for the station then as their “Beatles correspondent” so I’m curious to know what jingles were in use. Not that Peelie was ever a big fan of jingles of course 😮


  • I've got it as PAMS 28, after having used Series 27.
    {Could be wrong though - would need to wade through the CDs}

  • KILF Series 28 was 1965 according to the Ken R CD “KLIF Klassics Volume III”.

    In 1964 they had Series 25D “Highschool Cheerleaders”, but would have still been using Series 27 from 1963 for at least some part of 1964.

  • "KLIF Klassics Volume III"

    Must admit that even though I bought more than 50 of them, to this day there's still
    quite a few gaps in my collection of KenR CDs !

    If anyone's up for a closed circuit swap (WAV. not MP3) of any of them to fill up
    their collection (via dropbox or whatever), just shout!

  • Ah thanks all, yeah it makes sense that they’d be a Jet Set station round about this time 🙂

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