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JingleMad Radio - new stream URL

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Hi Jingle Fans

We've moved from Shoutcast to Icecast for JingleMad Radio so if you have it on a favourite anywhere you'll need to update it to:

If you listen via TuneIn, the pop-out player on, the smartphone app or the new play button below, you don't need to do anything as these have already been updated.

Hope you are enjoying the station still?



  • Has the link on the Reciva portal been updated at all? Thanks.
  • Like it !!!
  • I love JMR but it is still extremely repetitious.. even much more repetitious than it used to be. I am hearing the same montages about once every 2 hours. I will sometimes keep it on all day, especially when I am working on radio stuff. There's a lot of good stuff out there and I know JMR has it because I have heard it in the past on JMR. Forget these supersize montages.. just put all of the cuts in shuffle and let it go. It would also be nice if there was some more old stuff on there.. Besides J1, JMR is the only internet radio I listen to.
  • Great work
  • Roy,
    I had manually created a favourite in Pure Connect but I've updated the URL and it won't play :(
    Also, it looks like Pure have Jinglemad Radio catalogued in their station list, but it won't play either.
    Any thoughts?
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    I still use
    using Windows Media Player and it works fine.
  • All working now :D
    Not sure what the problem was. User error most likely ;-)
  • Not working for me...:(---tried using Google Chrome as well as IE10 -"web page not available"
  • Have you tried the play button below nleibo? Or TuneIn?

  • OK I've made a few changes to the clocks which means less repetition on the montage.

    JingleMad Radio now has 66 jingles in a row (live jingle montage using all cuts in the database) twice an hour, once at the top and once at the bottom of the hour. This way you get less demos and pre-made montages and more jingles.

    I'd love to add more to the database. I've used my entire collection and need yours now! If you can dropbox me any cut up jingles or montages, I'll add them in.

    It'd be great to have your help,

  • All of my cuts (most in wonderful .wav) are at
    Including the new Japan Jingle Montage.

  • I'd be happy to provide individual cuts Roy - particularly of "classic" things that might be off-the-beaten-track.

    Is the dropbox folder "publically-accessable" to place things in (don't have a link for it/yours),
    or do you want a private 1-to-1 link provided from individuals?
  • Feel free to download any of my montage's from Jinglemad's Soundcloud page Roy :)
  • Thanks guys.

    Are they downloadable IanF?

    IainJ - if you can share me a link to we can hook up that way? Then you can just dump jingles in whenever you feel :)
  • Thanks Michi - they are all added :)
  • Hi Roy,
    They are and here's the direct link to my page :)
  • Sorry to bump this old thread, but what is the jingle format for JingleMad Radio on weekdays and weekends? Last time I checked the station today, they were playing 66 Jingles In A Row before the top of the hour. I assume the format is 66 Jingles, then user montages, and then 66 Jingles, then user montages, top of the hour, Jingle Of The Day, Weather, etc.

    Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    According to the radio page...

    A typical hour on JingleMad Radio looks like this:

    :00 Single Jingle News with Stuart Clarkson

    :01 Top of hour jingle

    :02 JingleMad JingleMix – 66 jingles in a row

    :17 Demonstration time – jingle demo

    :30 Another 66 jingles in a row

    :45 JingleMad jingle montages – user created montages

    :59 News intro

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