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TV news music package by JAM, early 80s


This is for Jon. JAM's TV music demo on their website starts with some music from a TV news package that dates back to the early 80s. It was used by WINK-TV in Fort Myers, FL, and was used by a station in Rapid City, SD as late as 1996. One cut can be heard at 0:14 in this montage (FYI, the rest isn't JAM):

Jon, I'm wondering, did this music package have a title? Thanks for any help you can give on this.


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    did this music package have a title?
    Although JAM has done several packages for TV, this was not one of them. The music you're asking about is from our production library called "The Answer". It's part of disc JAM-303 and is simply called "Thematic News Package". There are 31 cuts/mixes.

    Funny you should ask this now, because we are about to post examples of several classic JAM TV image packages on our YouTube channel. Take a look there next week.

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    Jon, speaking of WINK, was this JAM's work also? Go to 1:00 in the clip below:

    When I played it for Tom DiNoto of Tuesday Productions, he said he thought it was his company's work, but I still wonder if those are Dallas singers. I could be totally wrong, but I just want to make sure.
  • was this JAM's work also?
    It doesn't sound like JAM to me.

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    I do sort of agree with you, I just wanted to make sure because I thought I could hear an almost Dallas sound to the singers. It could just be my brain playing tricks on me, the music afterward does sound more San Diego.
  • The 1986 video uses Tuesday Productions "Look to the Leader" package.
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    I'm the one who played it for Mr. DiNoto, and he said he believed it was Tuesday's work, so I'm the reason it's identified as Tuesday.

    Listening to it again, I think gameswizard is right, even the singers don't actually sound that much like Dallas, and certainly not JAM. Sometimes I just think I hear familiar voices, but I get mixed up.
  • WDBB-TV, the independent station in Tuscaloosa, Alabama during the mid 1980s, used JAM's "Thematic News Package" for its newscasts. Skip to around 3:06 to view the opening intro with theme used.

    I'd also love to hear some cuts from JAM's "Thematic News Package", because it sounds like good production music.
  • I noticed a while ago that Rede Manchete uses "The Answer" Also, Is there any way you can share this and other music from the library on MP3 and ZIP with me?
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