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I've spent years looking for a jingle package which aired on WMID, Atlantic City in 1967. There arew PAMS reference copies that exist of WMID jingles from the '60s and '70s, but in 1967, WMID had a package made by CRC which no one seems to have a copy of.

WMID, in 1967, found itself to be the market's only Top 40. The owner of the competition, realizing that Merv Griffin would make WMID more competitive, dropped out of the fight, making WMID #1 and higher rated than than the next seven radio stations combined. The jingles combined the slogans " Boss Radio" and " Where The Music Is".

WMID was 1000 watts at 1340, with a waterpath signal that extended from Lond Island to almost Virginia Beach.

I never worked there, but it inspired me to pursue my career path into and through Radio into ownership. Remnants of WMID are very hard to find. Can you or anyone you know help? Thank you!


  • Cannot find any WMID by CRC in my collection, however, I`ll ask around for you and if I manage to get a copy, I`ll email you. You mentioned the PAMS jingles for WMID, here`s one of those jingles (won`t post any more - don`t want to piss off ken R !) this is the TOTH cut.

    PAMS - WMID Atlantic City

    David Barras
  • Thanks for your promot response...hey, if you wanna hear some classic PAMS imagery live, check out the 50s and 60s stand alone AM I own and operate in Pennsylvania, WFBS Radio Smiles at

    Astute collectors will remember that there was already a WFBS Radio Smiles in the sixties, in Fort Bragg NC; when I was doing voice overs for PAMS demos for Ken R in the 90s, my wife and I purchased a darkened AM 35 miles southwest of Wilkes Barre PA; our company was called FBS for Fennessy Broadcasting Stations Corporation, and I was aware of the original station and their jingles.

    Ken R licensed the original 1964 cuts to me ( almost none of them mentioned their frequency, and we were on our way with our then-original format.

    We've purchased some new cuts along the way, and got some interesting donations from people connected to the original on and you can hear them.

    Thanks again...lket me know if the CRC jingles for WMID surface anywhere!
  • WMID is actually using a couple of their old PAMS jingles once again, with their new "Classic Oldies" format.
  • and continuing to use their modern jingles from the 21st century mixed in
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