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Hi guys,
Does anyone have good stereo copies of the megahits jingles that Mark Goodier used. There were several different versions as well for when Neale James and Lynn Parsons sat in.
I have attached an off air recording of the Neale James version. filename:1183823958_1010_FT0_neale_james_megahits.mp3


  • Thats the FULL bed im after also from Mega Hits!!! Its a well known jingle from the 1992 package but the full bed was a mega hit exclusive just before newsbeat... it had a quiter start to it! Really would like them!
  • I have the Mark Goodier version of that jingle (clean cut) although not the long extended countdown version.

    MARK GOODIER'S MEGAHITS filename:1187535359_828_FT45631_mark_goodiers_megahits.mp3
  • Was the long extended mix ever on the package??? As this one seems to be rare as anything? Would it of been requested by R1 to be extended for mega hits only??? As this was the only show i heard using it.
  • Unfortunately I've lost both the Megahits jingle I posted and the extended bed that someone else posted. I'd be grateful if anybody could help me out with these two?

  • here's a bit of Friday Lynn...

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    Thanks Lasty!! I never knew there was a resing for Lynn. Could be the only two. I know that when other presenters covered I heard just the "megahits" being sung and of course the "weekend" rock version that WHTZ [Z100 - NYC] had resung for their weather - Z World #24.

  • If anyone is interested, I had the full jingle re-sung for me in 2015. It's a great jingle. Including the long "Megahits" countdown version that builds beautifully. I do love this jingle.

  • The "long version" is actually a combination of 2 cuts that were fused together at radio 1, there was a "lite" version without brass and a version with brass; for megahits, they were fused to give a longer bed starting with the lite version then the "with brass" version, and enough bed to countdown a top 10 before "news 92/93" Happy to share the cuts from my re-sing if anyone wants them.

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    Thanks Tony. This has to be my all-time favourite jingle from Radio 1. Maybe it's because it's energetic with a memorable tune. Here's my resing from S2Blue -

  • @Welshjingler said:
    Thanks Tony. This has to be my all-time favourite jingle from Radio 1. Maybe it's because it's energetic with a memorable tune. Here's my resing from S2Blue -

    Unfortunately the link doesn't work - would love to hear.

  • Just beat me to it Tony!
    The upload-ee and associated page(s) looks very iffy to me.

  • I agree Ian it is iffy. I uploaded it but it went down soon after. I've now deleted the link and put it on Soundcloud now:

  • You have not provided a valid SoundCloud URL.

    But back to the question in hand, i have to say this Mega Hits jingle has to be my all time favorite. Does anyone have the looped extra long version?

  • Just a quick general reminder with soundcloud - the errot message above is usually caused by the
    person uploading selecting the "private" button - "private" mode doesn't seem to like JM these days
    (it used to work).

    Select the "Public" mode to ensure linking.
    NB - however means anybody can see the file, therefore can expect all sorts of "s/c enablers" latching on offering
    to help one "makes one's fortune with their tracks" and so on though!

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