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OK I know some of you guys like a challenge - try this one:

Who or what company is responsible for this rather 'Deliverance' inspired cut ?

I recorded it off-air some time between 1979 and 1983 and stumbled on it whilst going through my old cassette collection.

Appreciate any pointers



  • Dread to think as to what goes on in deepest Surrey Chalks...get out of them woods !

    Sounds like a Toby Arnold sing but don`t quote me on that...

    David Barras
  • There were jingles produced in San Francisco by ParaSound (sp?) in conjunction with Century 21. They used the same logo as on this banjo-styled jingle. Doesn't mean a whole lot but my guess is it is a follow-up pkg by the same.
    joe c
  • Indeed it is Parasound. I've heard it on a tape w/ other Parasound K101 jingles...
  • Many thanx TS. Does anyone have these jingles to share/ trade?
  • I think I found it. Is this what you were looking for?
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