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AJ's New BBC Radio 2 Steve Wright package

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Hi All

Just to let you know that I've just put a montage of the new idents we've just finished producing for Steve Wright. If you take a listen before Monday (March 27th) you'll get to hear them before they've been aired. That is unless Steve loses the CD!!

The package is in two sections in the playlist (6th and 7th in the list) Music Idents and then followed by Sweepers.

These new jingles and themes for Steve started in production in October '05. There was no brief as such, just that he wanted to go back to using some of the "Steve Wright in the afternoon" block sung idents. So that got me thinking that this in a way would be a good chance to go "back to basics" meaning why not do nearly everything live, strings, horns, wind and Rhythm. This would also include his theme motif done in several ways.

One thing about the AJ/bluefo site you should know is that it's there mainly for you guys to hear past and present stuff. There is no syndication aspects for any of these tracks.

All the backing tracks and vocals were recorded here in New York using some of the best muso's around. There is also a gallery featruing pictures from some of these sessions, plus older archive photos.

Enjoy them.



  • Hey AJ! First and foremost I have always loved your work! Keep it coming! Just to ask, is this particular montage of idents still available? I'd love a listen, appreciated, TIA!
  • @tashban Doh! You had me thinking AJ had done some new 2021 cuts for Steve Wright for a minute!

    Responding to a post from 15 years ago…. I think you’ve missed the boat! :D

    However, you can listen to a selection of AJ’s Steve Wright Radio 1 and 2 work on his YouTube channel:
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    Bluddy hell Mark!
    was typing virtually the same words just as you "replied"!
    Especially as "traditionally" R1 / R2 would upgrade / renew their jingles around the end-September "anniverary".

    Can Admin put a "statute of limitations" on people not trying to answer very old posts (unless a good reason)?
    Other forums have such conditions.

    PS - this is a quote from "another forum", where a poster apologises for "bumping" a post just 5 months old...
    ..."I know this thread is a few months old now and I apologise for bumping it, but"...
  • Apologies!! Though I have actually been searching for this particular 2006 package for quite some time now, hence my post...
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    Nothing wrong with your intentions tashban!

    Just sometimes very old dormant discussions can have lost links/audio, even un-subscribed posters,
    as well as other factors, so often a good idea to create a fresh new post based upon the
    original topic but with "up-to-date" titling!
  • I find the older posts interesting. You can learn things you don't know. Also, if it was relevant then, and the new poster finds relevance in the post now, it's relevant.
  • I am completely in agreement with BA. as jingles are pretty much a historic entity, it can be of considerable interest to most of us fans for a revisit to a past post, although a shame that the links and audio are often long gone. Cheers, Bryan L
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