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BBC Local Radio TOH with Pips Included


Has anyone please got any examples of the BBC Local Radio TOH Idents which have included the Pips. I know somwhewre i found examples of 1 minute 30 sec and othershort Versions but cannot find them. If you could send them i would be very eternally grateful

Thanks So Much


  • The Pips?? Always wondered what happened to them after Gladys Knight went "solo"...:)
  • (Ahem...) Greenwich Time Signal Neil !
  • That is what is referred to as the "Pips", Iain? Interesting..:). Speaking of which--Did you know Gladys Knight used to OIL the Pips--well, pips squeak..:)
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    Once described by another UK jingle collector (jokingly), as the "BBC Radio Four jingle package" :)

    The Greenwich Time Signal has been used at the top of hours by the BBC from time immemorial
    (and they've celebrated 100 years of the BBC in just the past few days - bit like KDKA Pittsburgh)

    Nearest I think the USA has had to this is the old Time Signal stations such as WWV (and possibly
    one in Hawaii?)

    In recent years, British TV music composer David Lowe was commissioned to do a huge suite of
    news-intro music for the BBC (TV in particular), and he "incorporated" the pips into those.

    Video here, but thousands of examples even "club remixes" scattered across t'internet.

  • Not recent, but perhaps a flavour of what Paul is looking for?
  • @Ian Johnson. Thanks very much I have never heard that version !
  • The Greenwich Time Signal has been used at the top of hours by the BBC from time immemorial
    These days, unless you listen on analogue radio (FM, AM), the GTS/pips is no longer accurate to the second as digital services are "delayed". Even on-screen clocks on TV (e.g on BBC Breakfast) are out.

    I timed some BBC services.
    Streaming Radio 2, the audio is delayed by ~40 seconds compared to Radio 2 FM on a tuner (89.3 MHz from Holme Moss).
    BBC1 (Winter Hill) is delayed by ~7 seconds.

  • Usual polite but gentle reminder... :)
    IAIN. (Eye--aay--eye--enn)
    Any other spelling isn't me :) :) :)
    (Was in hospital recently and they managed to do my name in no less than FOUR different ways - eedjits! )
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    @ Iain Johnston - Sincere Apologies
  • Nae bother, Paul
  • Unfortunately not clean, but here is an example from 2016.

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