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JAM Jingles on Antenna TV 2022

Unless I missed some JAM cuts for Antenna TV from their package a number of years ago, I heard their air version of Backseat Music - Demo Cut #5 on Antenna TV yesterday. I don't remember it from before. Fun to hear it on TV! Is this a new composite?


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    Here's a video of that jingle in use:

    It does seem to be new for this year. Not sure if there are any other new cuts. But this jingle sounds great, and the promo is really well done too.
  • Kind of liked the previous package they used--BUT I guess Antenna TV is looking for an "alternative" sing to "MeTV"'s jingle package (also JAM, correct?)
  • I believe MeTV only uses a package on WHIO, a local affiliate. AntennaTV is a national multicast network. Their most recent package has a few cuts from Backseat Music.
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    First of all, MeTV IS ALSO a National Network--"When MeTV began broadcasting back in 2005, we were only seen locally in Chicago. By 2008 our viewership extended to Milwaukee as well, and by 2010 MeTV was launched nationally by the Weigel Broadcasting Co." So much for the question of "National".
  • I think Jay knows that. We're just saying that JAM jingles are used on the national Antenna TV network, whereas there's (as far as I know) only one MeTV affiliate that uses them on their local bumpers.
  • And I 've told you the local WPB ME-TV affiliate uses the jingles--so now, there's 2 --and how do you account or NOT account for the other affiliates?
  • I submit this link--as evidence of METV jingles(&promos) by JAM. Note the METV Logo --there is NO Local Identifier--so it was a Promo/Jingle for the Network.
  • That's by Stephen Arnold Music.

    Hey, I never said they didn't have jingles at all. Hope we settled this now. :)
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