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Huge JAM resing

This might be a treat: a huge resing of different JAM packages around the WLS logo for Dutch Omroep Brabant (a sort of NPR/BBC Local) back in the 80s.

They went for the WJR/Spirit of 76 package and added several WLS and even an BBC Radio 2 Collection-cut to it. Enjoy!


  • Nice composite. JAM tracks, not JAM Dallas singers. Sounds like Top Format.
  • edited October 31
    logodave wrote: »
    Not JAM Dallas singers. Sounds like Top Format.

    That's right Dave, all cuts were sung with native Dutch singers in The Netherlands. A few Top Format packages were resung in Dallas (RTL FM, Sky Radio of course, also the Dutch spoken parts), but by far the most were sung in Fendal Sound or at Top Format.
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