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American Forces Radio 1978

25 minutes of AFRTS jingles - Signature Sounds 1978 (whatever that is?)


  • Absolutely NO creativity whatsoever. SHAME on AFRTS!!
  • This is a TM composite. I recognize several packages in the mix: "The Winning Score," "Simply WBEN," and "Impressions" to name just a few.
  • edited October 12
    I always liked the 1976 to 1980 era of TM's Dallas vocal group. Simple jingles what for they are intended to do. ID American Forces Radio.
  • Can't blame the Producers--AFRTS specifies what kind of content they want in jingles--and it seems by this point--whatever "imagination" was present at AFRTS had probably been Re-assigned to "Mess Cook" duty..:)
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