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Help identifying news jingle, 80s

I’ve tried looking everywhere for this jingle name, creator, and full length and I can’t find it anywhere. It was used by KHON 2 and KCCI TV 8 in the early 80s. It isn’t specific to a news channel because it was used by stations of both CBS and NBC. I know it is not part of JAM productions because I asked them. They also do not know who made it.


  • It I had to guess, it's Tuesday Productions. KCCI was running this with a Tuesday package first from what I see on News Music Search Archive. This particular theme isn't Tuesday, but the stuff jingle is the same from the Tuesday era.
  • That was a stock cue from Network Music. To be specific, it's "Energy" by Craig Everett Palmer.
  • By the way, the theme was used in the Philippines as the theme for a nighttime news program aired on GMA, Saksi, and later on in Brigada News FM stations.
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