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Mahoning and Shenango Valley Radio Jingles

Does anyone have copies of old radio jingles from The Youngstown OH-Warren OH-Sharon-New Castle PA area ?


  • Think this relates to my recent-ish posting of WKBN TM Design from a tape I got from the
    station a very long time ago!

    I've replied to you last night via the Soundcloud internal PM - if thats not appicable,
    please PM me here on Jinglemad :)

  • How did you got that jingle tape from WKBN ?
  • edited August 30
    By writing to them and asking !
    Success rate very typically 1-in-10 to 1-in-15 replies from stations around the globe.

    Was a long time ago, but what (some) jingle collectors did do then :)

    And of course, very slow by even AirMail or worse sea-mail and the proverbial Jiffy Bags pre-internet & "digital".
  • I know that Big 106 used the WSNI package from Reelworld. Does anyone have any cuts from that?
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