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Another "can you identify the PAMS package this jingle is from...

What early 70s PAMS package is this cut from?


  • Possibly the WRC Washington custom?
    Got an old (tape) dub lurking somewhere.

    PS - anyone got a decent dub of the KFJZ "grid factory" custom from circa 1970?
    My tape from the station backthen is long wrecked!

  • edited August 29
    WRC it is! Good call!
  • edited August 29
    From deep in the vaults...

  • Would like to know the story of why they grabbed that particular cut from WRC's Custom while they had their own PAMS Custom/Energy package - with the 1974 PAMS Custom coming soon thereafter.
  • Judging by their slightly earlier (huge) grid factory custom and previous loyal attachment to PAMS,
    I think "the Big 12-70" rather liked to "explore" PAMS' product!
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