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Pro-Pak 10,000 Released

Pro-Pak 10,000 is now available. It has over 1100 generic jingles, acapellas, shouts, artist IDs, countdown numbers, announcer liners, Christmas jingles, and over 100 Sonovox lines (both buzz tone and melodic)! You'll get cool intros to your classic hits features and newscasts, and it's all guaranteed to add sparkle to your online or terrestrial show.

Pro-Pak 10,000 includes:

- 150 generic jingles, including cuts for features, gold & memories, mornings, music, radio, variety, and weekends -- plus several All-American jingles

- 153 acapellas, including cuts for contesting, features, gold & memories, Internet, mornings, music, radio, and weekends

- 209 shouts, including cuts for contesting, features, gold & memories, mornings, music, radio, timechecks, weekdays, and weekends

- 48 announcer and voiceover lines including what you need to stage a "Million Dollar Battle"

- 37 musical building blocks in for producing station and show imaging, as well as enhancing existing shouts and acapellas

- 108 countdown cuts including number 1-40 acapellas, produced shouts for numbers 1-50, and 11 Superhit Survey jingles

- 19 country acapellas, shouts and Sonovox words/phrases

- 68 "Hi, this is..." classic hits and oldies artist IDs

- 51 musical elements including the famous "All-American" pre-records

- 15 news logos, intros, and themes

- 110 holiday cuts (acapellas, shouts, short music beds, and more -- including Christmas greetings from several oldies and classic hits artists)

- 108 Sonovox words and phrases including cuts for contesting, features, gold & memories, mornings, music, radio, and weekends

- 21 weather elements including acapellas, generic jingles, shouts, and beds

- 12 produced generic stagers

- 9 radio promos including "Radio Gets Results," "Radio Goes With Life," and "Radio Is Your Guest"

Pro-Pak 10,000 is delivered to you in high-fidelity stereo WAV format with helpful descriptions in each audio file name.

The majority of Pro-Pak 10,000 is geared to classic hits stations but there are tons of audio elements that can be used with other formats.

Listen to the Pro-Pak demos, check out the complete cue sheet, and order here:
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