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Radio London jingles played on Radio Birmingham in the late 1970s?

Can anyone remember hearing any of the following Radio London jingles played on Radio Birmingham in the late 1970s? They were from Radio London's 1976 Amphonic Music package. I was living in the south east at the time but had a canal holiday in the midlands sometime in the late 1970s and I have a vague recollection of hearing them played during the week that I was in the area. The "206 roadworks how long will it take" jingle was only used by Radio London as a general purpose "206" jingle with the rest of the vocals edited out (not surprisingly!) and I seem to remember it being played by Radio Birmingham in the same format although not quite so slickly edited. I know the "Competition Time" jingle found its way on to both Radio Brighton and Radio Oxford at the time but I'm not sure about Radio Birmingham:



  • I remember the competition time jingle !
    Also from the same package
    Radio London 206 , Radio London 206, Robbie Vincent

    He used this as show starter for his late night phone in would love to here that again if anyone has a copy !
  • As requested, the Robbie Vincent jingle followed by two others that he regularly used:

    And here is a promo for his show voiced by Paul Owens which used the music bed for the "Radio London 206 Robbie Vincent" jingle:

  • Thanks for posting
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