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New Jingles from TMs iJingles May Session

Anyone else got new jingles from this latest session?
I'll get the ball rolling by sharing mine here. I've put them one on one with the originals for FM106.1 WMIL.
This is the Wide Open Country Update package (I had all 5 cuts resung).
I personally think that the results are better than the originals :)


  • Thanks for sharing Mark - they sound awesome! Lovely cuts and great lyrics that fit and work well – well done. 😊
  • I hear your surname pronounced differently between cuts #2 and e.g. #4 ???
  • Sweet cuts.
  • Iain… now if I’m correct, you are hearing that difference at the end of my surname (Hanna)?
    If so, you have very sharp ears mate! I heard it on my first listen too. Playing back the acapella a few times, I’ve nailed what’s going on.
    During the reverb from ‘Hanna’ the solo guy starts sounding ‘p’ of ‘plays’ --- which gives a very slight ending sound to the ‘a’ at the end of ‘Hanna’.
    I’ve just had a tweek with the acapella file and remixed it. This seems much better to me, are you hearing correct now?

  • Thanks Mark!
    It was indeed the male solo that sounded "off". Good that you'd picked up on it too!
    A bit "aaay" when expecting "ahhh" phonetically.
    (Could tell a story about vowel pronouciation on personal cuts, but won't do that here).

    I don't have "sharp ears" anymore though - too old (!), and the tinnitus has been a bit bad this month,
    so I tend to concentrate maybe a bit too hard while trying to listen to things!

    Interesting bundle of cuts - very "sideways" from the "usual" things that would be regularly chosen.
  • edited June 19
    I think the male solo is great (pretty sure he did the original cut for WMIL).
    It was so very slight, I thought it would only be me that noticed! I knew it would only be an easy adjustment if I required.
    Interesting bundle of cuts - very "sideways" from the "usual" things that would be regularly chosen.
    Yep.... I'm a big Country Music fan B) I honestly believe that TM do the best Country packages, the tracks are so detailed and musically perfect. I also had 4 cuts from the Wide Open Country main package last time around.

    Thanks for pointing out what you was hearing, it convinced me to make the slight adjustment :)

  • Sounding Great thanks for posting
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