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Z-100 80s aircheck and mystery jingle

I've been listening to some Z-100 airchecks from the 80s (so what's new?) and thought you may enjoy this 3 minute montage - does anyone recognise the jingle track that's been looped up at the very top? It certainly sounds like JAM but I've never heard it before, it's got Warp Factor #7 tagged on at the end.


  • It's a bit hard to hear with all that silly talking in the way, but I think I know what it is. Warp Factor #7 started out being a longer cut, with a front that sang "Z-100 gets me up" before ending with the familiar "Z-100" you know. It seems that they (probably Dave Foxx) took a mix of that original version that just let the track play until the ending sing, and looped those first two now-discarded bars of the track over and over. They finally let it flow into the tag at the end, because it was in the right key and tempo to match the looped bed (since it's really all the same cut). I've never heard an aircheck where they used that before! This, of course, after being told "we can't use that, it's too long" which is why it was altered in the first place.
  • I love the second jingle in this that starts at 37 seconds. I first heard it in an air-check from the same period. I think it's an artist sung version of their song. There was a Wang Chung sung Z100 jingle with the backing music of Everybody have fun tonight at around the same time.
  • Wow, amazing that we're still learning new things about familiar stations and packages every day!
  • JAM / PAMS wrote: »
    Warp Factor #7 started out being a longer cut
    It would be neat to hear this, please.

  • Just love hearing all the different versions of Z cuts of either stations or personal cuts...keep em coming please
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    I'm convinced Turbo Z #12 (The DJ cut) was originally longer as well. Listen to this aircheck. It's longer, but NOT looped. The instrumentation and sing are both different than the final cut we all know.

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