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Pro-Pak 9000 Now Available

Pro-Pak 9000 is now available from

Pro-Pak 9000 contains over 1000 generic jingles, acapellas, shouts, Sonovox quips, year sings, big-voice announcer liners, Christmas jingles and beds. You'll get cool intros to your classic hits, features and newscasts, and it's all guaranteed to add sparkle to your online or terrestrial show.

Included are:

- 181 generic jingles, including cuts for features, fun, gold & memories, mornings, music, radio, variety, and weekends

- 194 acapellas, including cuts for artists, DJs, features, gold & memories, mornings, music, radio, and weekends

- 92 shouts, including cuts for The Beatles, days of the weeks, features, gold & memories, music, and radio

- 147 announcer and voiceover lines including days & dayparts, music, gold & memories, numbers, and years

- 73 musical building blocks in AC, Country, and Rock formats for producing station and show imaging, as well as enhancing existing shouts and acapellas

- 77 country generic jingles, acapellas, and shouts

- 32 musical elements, including some that incorporate famous Top 40 logos from the 1960s

- 9 news logos, intros, and themes

- 17 holiday cuts (acapellas, announcer lines, generic jingles and more)

- 79 oldies talkover beds, recorded in the style of some of the biggest 1960s hits

- 75 "Pepper Pads" perfect for creating memorable imaging for your sixties show or station

- 31 Sonovox words and phrases grouped by buzz tone and melodic styles

- 24 weather elements including acapellas, generic jingles, shouts, and beds

- 22 stagers by one of the most famous voices in Top 40 radio including "The Year...196X" and "X Years Ago Today"

The majority of Pro-Pak 9000 is geared to classic hits and oldies stations but there are tons of audio elements that can be used with other formats like middle-of-the-road and country.

Check out the complete contents list, demos and ordering information here:

Pro-Pak 9000 is delivered in high-fidelity stereo WAV format with helpful descriptions in each audio file name.
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