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"What's your favourite breakfast show jingle?"

Hello, again~
Today, I'm asking some of JM forum members one particular question. What's your favourite breakfast show jingle?
It doesn't matter which jingle company is it from or which format the station is airing, whenever there's a morning show, it always have a good morning show jingle.

For instance, JAM's Z100 jingle packages always have their signature morning zoo jingles, like cut #17 of Z Force and cut #26 of Turbo Z which was my favourite.
Another fine example is the legendary "Imus In The Morning" jingle for WNBC (now WFAN), which is cut #8 of Nothing But Class and cut #9 of Ready: Mix! among many of hundreds of morning show jingles JAM has made so far.

Another prime favourites is TM's morning show jingles for WPLJ and AJ's Jono and Harriet at Breakfast themes, which I have just heard on JMR. I think they are top notch and overall good.

And how about you, what's your favourite morning show jingle? I want to know. 🤔


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