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What PAMS Package (Series) can i find--

Looking for the Jingle "Golden Autumn Weekend--WABC"--in my mind it's a 70's jingle--but have NO CLUE as to what package/series it might be on. Have checked the "usual suspects" (Series 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, even 45)--Nada..any clues?


  • WWDC's "A Fall Affair"

    cut 2 Golden Autumn Weekend

  • That would be a custom package --not a numbered series?
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    Yes indeed, one of a number of PAMS non-Series customs for Avco stations WWDC 1260 Washington
    and KYA 1260 San Francisco very late 60s-ish.

    Golden Autumn Weekend is at approx 27 seconds in.

    Those packages included Fall Affair, Summer, Musical Odyssey, Some Kind of Radio, et al.

    I posted a montage that included some of the WWDC/KYA items couple of years back, so here it is again.

    The KYA I still have on a crumbling reel direct from the station, which included PAMS stereo Country and custom MOR
    moog/acapellas for their then FM sister station KOIT (that's one stereo bundle I'd still like to find in good quality WAV
    to replace the ancient reel!)

    PS - Fall Affair - there's WABC versions lurking here...somewhere...!

    PPS - still hope that Jon might find the time some day to do a "Magic of PAMS TWO" with PAMS non-Series/customs?

    EDIT:- found it....
  • Thanks so much, Iain!! Any idea of the year?
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    Still think 1969, or very late '68 - reason being I think I first heard some of these in 1969 at the studios of FRN in Edinburgh, but that's another story...

    Still, I can think of two people who would know the definitive answer!
  • The Magic of PAMS CD collection is a thing of sheer beauty and I think it jon an investment of time and resource that was huge - But the result was amazing. I too have a love of the "named" packages - Ken R once laughed when I told him how much I loved Stereo Island! The named packages would make an excellent second collection but I can only imagine the work involved and when JW does something it is only done to a very very hight standard or not at all!
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