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PAMS cut-by-cut

A few more Series packages have been added including Series 39, 40, 41, and 49.


  • edited March 2022
    Considering that the earlier era PAMS demos were "in-the-clear", rare to hear e.g. 42 and 43 demo cuts without the narration
    (or in actual station versions).

    And a few cuts that didn't make the original demos (e.g. 42)?
  • The series 49A cuts here are listed and structered in a non PAMS company demo order. I guess someone thinks that's cool. Very confusing for someone who may try to buy them for their station.
  • Or easy for the producer as in what they only want to release.
  • With most PAMS Series availabilty from Dallas, it seems they release what they see as fit for their own production comfort. Additionally PAMS Series 49B included long cuts named "Summer", "Spring" and "Winter". The current producer does not name nor include some of these. PAMS Series 49 was PAMS "last pack". That is the description as told to me from producers who were present at 4141 Office Parkway in 1977. Every cut from PAMS Series 49 was named just as was done with earlier PAMS packages. PAMS Series 49A, "The Modulators" was produced for WLS, PAMS Series 49B for WGAR and PAMS Series 49C for WFIL (the lost and last). Each station had different legal ID tracks and sings. Audition cuts were sung for KHJ and other broadcasters in PAMS' last attempt to stay in business. Many North American stations bought syndicated cuts from this series until PAMS shuttered 45 years ago when the IRS came calling.
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