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Ad jingles from the music composers of the Carmen Sandiego TV series.

This might be unusual but the composers of the PBS gameshow Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, the team known as Rockapella composed and performed some ad jingles for national clients. Here are a few examples.

Even NBC's Today morning news put its own spin on the Carmen Sandiego theme about Matt Lauer traveling around the world. Check it out.

What do you guys think?


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    Perhaps someone, somewhere has a different website dedicated to obscure USA "ads" or USA TV series unknown to the rest of the world?

    I thought that JingleMad is essentially about radio ID jingles?
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    JingleMad for me is about ‘Jingles’. Whilst mainly Radio ID Jingles are what we love here, there’s a lot of people also like me that love any type of jingles – Coke made so many great jingles through the years.

    Try not to be too harsh Iain, I enjoyed the post and they are Jingles on a forum called ‘Jingle Mad’ (not ‘Radio ID Jingle Mad’).
    BTW I am just saying and not trying to start a big debate, just my thoughts anyway.

    Thanks for the post Instrumelody.

    Peace to ALL :)
  • I thought that JingleMad is essentially about radio ID jingles?
    We have received a number of requests for a commercial jingles category over the years and in 2018 we created one. Nobody uses it though, but it's there if it's needed for posts like the one above, for example.

  • To be fair, I must admit I did at least have a wander into the commercial jingles section to see what was amongst the 10 items in x years in there :-)
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