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WGN Radio's Bob Sirott Interviews Ken Deutsch About Jingles

WGN, Chicago morning host Bob Sirott interviews jingle maven Ken R. Deutsch jingles! Jingles from several Chicago radio stations (WLS, WCFL, WMAQ, WVON and more) are interspersed with the discussion. This aired on WGN in the 8a hour on February 8, 2022.


  • edited March 2022
    Very cool Ken.
    Bob Sirott is the guy I discorvered on "West 57th Street" in the 80s on the CBS Television Network.
    I'm like, hey! that's the guy from WLS Chicago!
    He fronted great stories during his time at CBS.
    I DX WGN here in Cleveland. Glad Bob's on and glad JAM is on the air.
    Nice interview with awesome jingle samples.
    Thanks gentlemen,
    Dave Sharp
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