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Century 21/TM Century jingle re-sings



  • So... nothing from 104.6 RTL Berlin...? I'm really sad. :/
  • Also in Ohio, Century 21's WFAN custom package was aired on WKNR, an AM station in Cleveland where WQAL aired TM Century's Pinnacle of New York and WLTF aired TM Century's Big Time Radio, and in Toledo, WRQN aired TM Century's Big Time Radio and More Big Time Radio. That's what else I know about Century 21 and TM Century being heard in Ohio.
  • AT-Groove wrote: »
    So... nothing from 104.6 RTL Berlin...? I'm really sad. :/

    Hey, I found at least 2 cuts from Southern California's KIIS package here:

    For everything else, I haven't found anything related to the KIIS resing for RTL. But if there's a raw copy from TM Europe/Music & Images, you might consider getting one of those.
  • WJET-FM Erie, PA was a station that aired at least two of the TM Century packages in the past (Southern California's Kiss and Wild Card) in addition to Thompson Creative's Houston Mix II, which was used for the top of the hour at some point in the 1990s.
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    WNOK-FM Columbia, SC was airing at least one TM Century jingle package (Kiss This) in the past, in addition to airing re-sings of Priority One, Outstanding, Hot KIIS, The Flame Thrower, Warp Factor, Breakthrough, and KIIS/90 all from JAM, KIIS 88 from Firstcom, and Your Custom Combination from TMCI.
  • Here in the Tampa Bay area, WMTX at 100.7 was using LA's #1 Hit Music Station in the late 90s as WAKS (Kiss FM), before Kiss became the "new" Mix in 1999. The old Mix was at 95.7 in the early 90s with TM Century's Y98 FM jingle package.
  • Also here in Tampa Bay, WYUU 92.5 (U92) used re-sings of Century 21's Classic Oldies, prior to switching to Tony Griffin for newer jingles.
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    WKFR in Battle Creek-Kalamazoo, MI was using at least Century 21 Proton and TM Century Big Time Radio in the past, but I don't have any WKFR jingles yet.
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    Additionally, here in the Tampa Bay area, by 1989, WUSA-FM (now the "new" WMTX) was using Century 21's Madison Avenue in tandem with JAM's The Only One and what sounds like JAM's Outstanding cut 32 for weather updates.
  • Continuing on with the old TM Studios jingles thread for the first time since before spring 2022.

    WVAQ in Morgantown, WV used TM Century's The New WPLJ in addition to at least TMCI's Airpower and JAM's Breakthrough.

    WYZB in Fort Walton Beach used at least Century 21's All Hit Kit in the past, with WMMZ in Ocala using at least Century 21's Proton in addition to JAM's Skywave.
  • m_hodgey wrote: »
    Don't recognise what the sung jingle is from...

    The sung “Die grössten Oldies RTL” jingle sounds like an "On Air Syndication" ( production, so maybe the news opening was also produced by them?

    I’m not sure "On Air" produce station imaging/jingles anymore as their website only mentions music scheduling and the like.

    The news ID sounds like Groove.
  • Here's another (fairly rare) resing of a TM KIIS package:

  • Do the KIIS-FM Re-sings Across the US TOH, please!
  • Here's just a list of C21/TM re-sings of KIIS packages' TOH cuts in case I couldn't record and upload my own copies.

    LA's #1 Hit Music Station by Century 21 (1990)
    KIIS-FM Los Angeles (Pilot Station)
    KROC Rochester, MN
    WAKS Tampa, FL (100.7 Kiss FM) (Note: I live in the Tampa Bay area)
    WDCG Durham-Raleigh-Chapel Hill, NC (G105)
    WIOQ Philadelphia, PA (Q102)
    WJAD Bainbridge-Albany, GA
    WVKS Toledo, OH (Kiss FM)
    WZEE Madison, WI (Z104)

    Southern California's Kiss by TM Century (1992):
    KIIS-FM Los Angeles (Pilot Station)
    KBZI Deerfield, MI (B100.7)
    KHKS Denton-Dallas-Fort Worth, TX (Kiss FM)
    KHTO Springfield, MO (Hot 106.7)
    KIXY San Angelo, TX (Kixy FM)
    KZII Lubbock, TX (Z102)
    WFMF Baton Rouge, LA
    WHYN-FM Springfield, MA
    WHOT-FM Youngstown, OH (Hot 101)

    Also, I guess WFMF had been using at least Hot KIIS by JAM and eventually two more Century 21/TM Century packages (Proton and Y98 FM) before TM Century's Southern California's Kiss.
  • WNCI had two 90s KIIS packages from TM Century, including LA's #1 Hit Music Station cut 16 for the top of the hour and one cut from We Play The Hits.
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