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Large assortment wanted

I will preface this by saying that I am aware that, given my status as a new member, what I am about to ask is very cheeky. However, there's quite a few packages that I would really like to get a hold of. I've tried looking for these in other corners of the internet with no success, so if anyone could provide me with either the packages for the period specified, or any information on them, I would be immensely grateful. The packages I'm looking for.

Atlantic FM - 2006-2012
Bauer City 1 - 2015-2018
Bauer City 2 - 2015-2019
Bauer City 3 - 2015-2017
BBC Radio Derby - 2010-present
Boom Radio - 2021- present
BRMB - 2012
Clyde 2 - 2010
KMFM - 2022
LBC News - 2019-present
Pirate FM - 2006-2022
Radio City Talk - 2008-2020
Ram FM - 2000-2011
The Beach - 2008-2020
The Breeze - 2013-2020
Pulse 2 / Signal 2 / Swansea Sound - 2018-2020

Once again, I'm aware that I'm being very cheeky here, so if you don't feel like helping, I won't entirely blame you :D . However, any help at all would be massively appreciated.

Many thanks.
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