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  • I'm pretty sure the news theme is "McArthur Park". I don't know who the artist was.
  • I always liked that portion of "MacArthur park" & wondered why no jingle was ever made from it...
  • That version of MacArthur Park was from Hugo Montenegro's Moog Power LP.
  • edited February 2022
    Those in the UK "old enough" will remember the Pearl & Dean "McArthur Park" stingers in ad breaks at the "flicks",
    based indeed upon the Richard Harris/Jim Webb 7-minute epic (and Gawd help any dee-jay who tried to talk over
    the ending!)

    As for radio jingles...from the 4th tape I ever got directly from a station, a long long time ago now,
    TM Productions Warm & Wonderful for KPRC 950 Houston, in "glorious" 3&3/4 IPS tape hiss...

    Any "similarity" is "purely coincidental" - like many cuts from that era of TM.

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