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Vintage CBS Radio News & Sports Sounders

I'm looking for old CBS Radio News & Sports stagers and sounders from the 1960s & 70s Can anyone help?


  • Here, Have some jingles (links ;) )

    WCBS Newsradio 88 New York - Jingles - 1970s

    WCBS Radio "More Than Just the Headlines" Jingle Package

    Classic CBS Radio Stagers and Sounders

    More audio at the WCBS Newsradio 88 Appreciation Site:, Alerts, Sounders

    *Bonus Network News Sounders
    Classic Radio Network News Sounders
  • I worked for a full blown crap-hole CBS operation in the 60's. The worst! I had an ET with all the corporate stuff. If this is of interest, message me. b.t.w. for the unaware, an ET is an over sized LP, aka: transcription.
  • I don't know the composer of the 1970's jingle package. Maybe it's Jake Holmes or Frank Gari. Also, I'm pretty sure about "More than just the headlines". It's composed by Otis Conner.
  • Frank Gari made some REALLY GREAT jingles for WCBS-FM
  • From some more of my "tape hiss" era of dubs direct from stations...
  • Iain, I believe the one you've just posted is from Eric Siday, the king of synthesizers.
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