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We Play the Hits

Hi, does anyone have a copy of TM's We Play the Hits? Thank you.


  • Do you want the KIIS demo?
    Or there's station versions available e.g. on MPFB-003 and MPFB-022 from Media Preservation Foundation.
  • The KIIS demo. Not the resings. Thank you.
  • This is the version that was promoted in the UK on CD via David Arnold

  • This was used on Kiss FM Cebu (now Retro Cebu) and Wild Zee Cagayan de Oro (now Wild FM) - both in the Philippines.
  • This was even used on WUPS Houghton Lake-Mount Pleasant-Cadillac, WTIC-FM Hartford, CT, and WVKS Toledo, OH.
  • Interesting find. This was used on Bandung's OZ103FM in the 90s, including one from the Southern California's KIIS package.
    Funnily enough, both Ardan and OZ FM both uses jingles from TM back in the 90s.
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