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Jingle Machine

Hi I have a EAP CT1000 Jingle machine and works ok. as you may know it is not the normal type of NAB cart machine, but instead uses 8 track type tapes with the roller in the tape body as opposed to the NAB style.
what I need help with is making a jingle cart up.
I have plenty of 8 track tapes that I can use and a reel to reel tape machine.
can anyone remember how these jingle carts were made ?
ie did they have a tone for cue or did it just rely on the foil splice ?
any help appreciated.
of course if you happen to have a spare jingle cart and are willing to sell or make me one ........


  • who knows?
    what you have could have been configured any way, but, the accepted technical answer is: the mono NAB style cart was 2 track one for info, 1 for the 1k cue tone. info on top, tone below. for stereo it was 3 tracks. top 2 were info (L&R) and #3 was tone.
    the muntz 4 track player used nab carts, but were 4 tracks in 1 direction.

    the 8 tracks were a 'cluster'! nearly all used foil to kick the head up or down. worse, you could never keep the head aligned. the inner winding was the same concept as the nab, just a rotten way to do it.
    need more? just ask
  • the next set of issues is what speed?
    most broadcast players ran at 7.5ips. there were a few, very few, that were running at 15ips (mostly fidelipac dynamax). the 4 track rigs were 3.75, and the 8 tracks were some where around 3.75, but these were done in the era of 'no quality control' at the factory, so who knows?
  • You could give Ray Anderson (EAP) a call. :) I've sent you a PM with his number.
    On the other hand, you could find yourself a stereo NAB cart machine/recorder of far superior quality to your EAP machine. It's only my opinion, but I think your efforts, in the end, would be far more worthwhile !!
    Maybe Ray could help you there too, he has lots of contacts . . .
    Good luck :p
  • cheers for the answers.
    the head is modified and static and speed is 7.5 , I know this as I played a normal 8 track tape and apart from the mix of two songs, they also sounded like pinky and perky.
  • actually no. the consumer 8 track (puck in the shell) format ran at 3.75ips. never ran at 7.5. the broadcast format nabs all ran at 7.5 (a few at 15). and what is 'static'? the head is firmly mounted, or is it in a bracket? the 8 track crap was a bracket mount, and the foil kicked the bracket up/down.
  • I can confirm. my actual deck has been adapted and runs at 7.5 and the head has been fixed.
    I will say at this point that I actually own 15 8 Track players and recorders (including an Akai 80D) and they of course run at the the normal speed..
    and have been repairing them for the last 45 years since I was 11 years old.
    I was asking for advice how to record a cart for fun and not be given a misinformed lecture.
    if you don"t know just scroll on by.
    Who Knows, actually yes etc etc get stuffed Bob.
  • go reread your first question.
    what is your thinking? you discuss both foil and tone cue triggers.
    pick 1, you cant do both. if you opt for foil, then the 8 track stuff does it. if you want tone, good luck. based on what you have shared, you do not have the head for it. but, should you have over looked it by mistake, you need a 1khz oscillator for up and down.
  • Does 'get stuffed' mean the same in the US as it does in the UK ?
  • are you telling me Ive been on a fools errand?
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