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In Memoriam: Larry Greene 1927-2018

Larry Greene, the best in the 1950s jingle business, one of the first to belt out the "Double You Enny Double You" in the NYC Tristate Area. How did I track him down? I saw a reporter doing an interview with him. So, out of options and desperate for a resoulution. I emailed that guy. He told me that Larry died in 2018. He said that he stopped living. I told him the diagnosis was natural causes.

Let's relive some memories, shall we? of the Great Things.wav?dl=0 New Yorkers Everyday.wav?dl=0 Things Happen to People.wav?dl=0 Sullivan This is for You.wav?dl=0


  • Some WONDERFUL jingles--especially loved the "Any time, Any Place- N-E-W"...they don't make 'em like THAT anymore..:(
  • He also did the Color Radio package for Cromwell Collier. Every now and then, Anyone remembers quite fondly an acapella shotgun ending with a Rhodes chord. Anyone also remembers the orchestra and chorus playing the “Color Radio is HERE!!!” jingle.
  • I had drinks with Larry and his wife at their house back in the late nineties. We discussed the many productions he and his late partner, Bob Sande, produced. Rest in Peace!
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