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Trak-Pak Volume 3 Released

Once again gives you the instrumental tracks behind the most famous ID jingles, in the clear! (In the UK these are referred to as "backing tracks.") Trak-Pak Volume 1 and Trak-Pak Volume 2 presented jingles from Ken R. LLC and Gwinsound, and they were big sellers.

Now we present Trak Pak Volume 3!

We have curated jingles and corresponding tracks from five major producers in Memphis, Dallas, and Los Angeles, 11 jingle packages in all. For each you receive all available jingles with vocals, along with the underlying tracks that go with them! And there are bonus vocals and instrumentals in many of these packages as well.

Add your own voiceovers and use them for imaging beds, or mix-in shouts or same-key acapellas from our other products to create new jingles for your station or show.

By the way, these tracks were digitally remastered by jingle maven Ken Deutsch. State-of-the-art noise reduction was applied to remove tape hiss.

Delivered as high-quality WAV files, Trak Pak Volume 3 is just $79. Listen to the demo and order here:

Trak-Pak Volume 3 includes jingles and tracks from these packages:

- Blore KYA Jingles (Also used on WCFL!)
- CPMG Heritage Country
- CPMG Mainstream
- CPMG WPTR Country
- Klein KDKA
- Pepper Kwik Sigs
- Pepper Now Sound
- Tanner Music People (WLS!)
- Thunder Jingles

Thanks for your interest!


  • What does "Thunder Jingles" include exactly? Is it just a single package, or a larger library of Thunder tracks?

    Regardless, I really want to get this at some point.
  • edited February 2022
    It's jingles produced in Dallas by William B. Tanner. Almost all the jingles included in Trak-Pak Volume 3 were sung for WFIL in Philadelphia.
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