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NAB carts / Sonifex Discart disks GIVEAWAY

If anyone is in need of a few of these, let me know.

Pads on the (used) AUDIOMAX carts appear to be in perfect condition :) Lengths vary, mostly 32" - 40". Erased.

Brand new Discart disks are SONY and Dysan brand, 2.88 Mb double-sided extra density.

Just pay shipping.

-Sean Martin


  • Hi Sean,

    I'd be interested in a few tape carts as I've just got my old Sonifex cart machines out of the attic to test (haven't been used in over 20 years). I have a few "as new" carts but wouldn't mind some second-hand ones to practice recording with. Let me know if you have any left.

  • Have any "ScotchCarts"??
  • nleibo wrote: »
    Have any "ScotchCarts"??
    Only AUDIOMAX.

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