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new jingle-inspired piece

Hello! First post here, I have something slightly unusual—I'm a composer in Los Angeles, and recently I wrote a new piece that adopts the aesthetic of radio jingles. While writing the piece, I lurked on these boards rather extensively, and the collections everyone has shared were an incredible resource. I thought I should share the recording—it's a little over the top, but some of you may find it interesting.


Included a small note of appreciation for jinglemad in the score. The piece has been performed once (it was commissioned by a percussion ensemble and vocalist in Montreal), and they're planning to perform it again in the summer. I'm of the opinion (which seems widely held, here) that jingles have a unique and pretty amazing sound, and I think it's unexplored in contemporary composition.

Thanks for maintaining such an interesting site!


  • Hey, this is very good. I think you did a very good job doing this masterpiece.
  • I must say...That is damn good! ?
  • Fascinating!

    And intriguing to see "our world of a hobby" and the actual industry itself
    as seen from someone "outside".

    Quick comment - I didn't see a Copyright declaration anywhere
    (may have missed it trying to read it all at this time of the morning!)
    Would hope you've got it all registered OK? (Before anyone "lifts" it).

    Thanks for posting it.
  • Thanks all, you're very kind! It was a really fun project, and fascinating to learn about the world of jingles—I still drive around every now and then with the big playlist of jingles I put together on shuffle.

    One question maybe someone could help with—all of the "jingles" in the piece are original, except the very first one... "Oldies 96.3!" This was the jingle of a station in Nashville in the 90s/early 2000s, WRMX/WMAK. The jingle is forever burned into my memory (my sister would listen to this on the way home from school when it was her turn, whereas I would choose embarrassing 90s bands), but I could never find a copy. If anyone has an idea of how to track it down, I'd get a real kick out of hearing it again. (For now, just have my tribute version!)
  • Wow! This is AMAZING! A lot of Southern California!! I LOVE IT!
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