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Pro-Pak 8000 Released has released a new Pro-Pak.

Pro-Pak 8000 is jam-packed with over 1200 generic audio elements, guaranteed to add more production value to your oldies/classic hits show or station.

Included in Pro-Pak 8000:

*68 generic jingles, including cuts for dayparts, features, gold & memories, radio, and weekend

*194 acapellas, including cuts for features, gold & memories, music, novelty, radio, requests, variety, and weekend

*56 shouts, including cuts for dayparts, feature, gold & memories, and music

*157 announcer and voiceover lines including "X years ago today" cut in the Drake style

*13 musical building blocks for producing station and show imaging, as well as enhancing existing shouts and acapellas

*32 vintage commercials that will bring back memories for oldies and classic hits listeners

*190 countdown elements, including Sonovox cuts from Number 1 to Number 100

*121 Christmas and other holiday cuts, including items for After Christmas Sales, New Year's Day, and "X" Shopping Days To Christmas

*8 music beds

*244 musical elements, including different versions of famous radio logos (WABC, WLS, CHUM, CKLW, Drake "K" and "W," KFWB, KJR, KLIF, WCFL, WFIL and WKNR)

*21 news and sports elements

*8 Sonovox words and phrases

*20 weather elements

*You get your choice of produced year sings in Sonovox and Sung styles covering 1950-1999 (100 year sings in all)

Check out the Pro-Pak 8000 cue sheet, listen to demos and order here:
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