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Our current package with Seasonal jingles

I rarely post on here, but I love production, station sound and jingles and I think this site is great for its celebration of so much great sung audio. In March 2021, I had a golden opportunity to launch a new local community radio station for the area I'd worked in for over 20 years, and I had a clear idea of how I wanted the jingles to sound. Strong sonic logo, straplines saying what we do and celebrating our beautiful area, including summer, sunshine, Christmas and New Year. I'm so lucky that Chris Stevens at Ignite did such a brilliant job in putting that sound into our package, a resing of Ignite's Merge 104.8, as well as another soft Downtown/The Bay jingle that Chris made sound like it was part of the package too, and he gave it bells for Christmas! I grew up hearing some of the great Midlands ILR stations as you can probably tell on this. I thought you might enjoy hearing them. They all come with several versions including the ramps I've included on a couple. Happy New Year!


  • Rare to hear a community station put such a big effort into its "sound"!

    Thanks for posting it!
  • Thanks for sharing, Rob. Super job!!
  • Superb! Some nice cuts there Rob - thanks for sharing.
  • Always loved how your station sounds Rob! I know we have compared notes and grew up listening to a lot of the same stations. When I was running Moorlands we always invested in the sound. Great job; and keep up the brilliant job with the station.
  • Thank you so much everyone, and yes Tony my jingle heritage is similar to yours. This package was influenced by Trent, Lincs, Rutland (of course), Signal, Beacon, BRMB, Mercia and even Capital for the sunshine one!
  • That was some stellar jingles for a local radio. I guess Ignite really do give you what you paid for, and the production quality is very good.
  • Sounding great - thanks for sharing these on here - Nice choice of cuts.
  • Thank you, and yes Chris at Ignite was really great to work with, and gave us every possible mix out, workparts and more so we can freshen the sound as we go
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