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More classic Reelworld jingles?

I think I made the impossible, possible.

I've dug up RW's website on, and I found some classic jingles from the past.
One of them was one of their first AC jingles for KBIG 104.

Can't find the MP3 version of the demos, and the .rm files might be dead, but the lyrics goes like this:
Down Tempo Ballad:
"When the sun sets in Southern California
and your thoughts turn to matters of the heart
Keep your dial set to KBIG 104...KBIG 104
For the songs you love on KBIG After Dark...
KBIG After Dark."

Medium Pop Ballad:
"Just the two of us together,
We've turned the lights down low,
We're listening to the music on the radio.
It's a special kind of feeling,
Deep inside your heart
Hearing your favorite love songs
on KBIG After Dark...
KBIG After Dark."

Medium Shuffle:
"When you want to say I love you with a song
KBIG is here to play your favorites all night long.
Call 1-800-KBIG-104 for a song that says 'I Love You' even more...
KBIG After Dark."

There are also some jingle packs that aren't available on the recent version of their website (ofc it was very dated), like the Seattle's Kiss 106.1 package from 2000 (not the 2003 one), San Francisco's Z95.7 package and the KTU package from 1998.

I would definitely be interested to demo them out for collection purposes if you have the files to these packs. Thank you.
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