New! JingleMad Radio webplayer. Find it at

Just to let you know, can be accessed again via

There are some audio that are still playable, among them are jingles from WSYR Syracuse , WRQX Washington (now K-Love), WXTU Philadelphia, and more.


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    Think that you'll find that "" is still extant but has been running under a different
    and "less dated in technology reference" name for quite some time!
  • Texas Radio Collection can also be accessed again via Wayback Machine as well.
  • Hey, just surfing through the archived versions of both sites, and I'm appalled that I was not able to obtain the Kiss 100 (Philadelphia, PA version) and the WLIT 2009 jingles on those sites. I assume they were not archived, which was a shame, because I heard those cuts on JMR. Does anyone have a copy? 🤔
  • Have you emailed the ACD site and asked them?

    ("Appalled" - "its only jingles!" :wink: )
  • I remember both of the sites you guys previously mentioned, especially Texas radio collection. I used to visit the site all the time for jingle montages.Kevin is still active on soundcloud posting montages, under both TRC1 and TRC2. another site you probably remember is that site is still up, but no longer updated.
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