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Viking FM's sweepers from the late '90s

Not too sure how you all feel about sweepers and at the time my youth was rather disappointed when Viking dumped their jingles in the mid-ish '90s in favour of sweepers. 25 years on and I've come to remember them with some fondness and remember them to be quite cutting edge. Voiced by (I think) Jeff Davis, a rather different sound to Sean Caldwell over on Hallam, the station had a rather different feel, rather like Hallam's cheeky younger brother!

Sadly, I can't find anything on the internet of this era but it would be good to hear some of them again if they are lurking around. I do remember having loads of them on tapes, but as I said, the jingle mad boy in me wasn't happy at losing the JAM stuff and as a result, I never kept them.


  • Loved the period when Viking FM were using the JAM “MasterMix/Uni-Que” jingles with Jeff Davis voiceovers, before the jingles went altogether in favour of just sweepers.

    This morning I’ve been through some of my old aircheck recordings from the period and put together this little montage featuring Jeff Davis voiced idents and promos for Viking FM (including Cash Tracks, The Top 10@10 and the Simon Logan Breakfast Show), plus a few Sean Caldwell voiced idents from when Magic 1161 launched:

    Hope it brings back some memories.
  • Thank you Mark! Yes indeed it does! Thankfully you're more savvy than I and kept them! Thank you so much for sharing!
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