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Young Country jingle on JM Radio

I heard the TM Young Country jingles in Jinglemad Radio earlier. It sang "Young Country, temporarily, 94.9". Which station was that? Thank you.


  • The name at the bottom said KYNG, which is the call sign of 105.3 Dallas (now Audacy-owned The Fan), at that time, but the sang didn't 105.3. So, it might be its then sister-station at 94.9 (now Salem-owned KLTY), but it wasn't.
  • After some research, it believe it's 94.9 Dallas.
  • Since when did they had the Young Country format for a while?
  • From what I can find, 1996.
  • Here, I'll give you some context why.
    On October 12th, 1996, the Cedar Hill tower, that transmit the stations KYNG, KOAI and KRBV collapsed, and stations were scrambling to get back on the air through auxiliary facilities.

    KYNG, which used to be a Young Country format since 1992, simply lent KLTY's 94.9 frequency (back then, they were All News 94.9, KEWS) and transmitted there for two weeks. That station in particular was at a lower power output than 105.3's.

    To avoid confusion that 105.3 was now at 94.9 for the time being, KYNG ordered jingles from TM, but added the word "temporarily" in the middle of the Young Country 94.9. Hence why the jingles sang out "Young Country, temporarily, 94.9" because they would stay on that frequency until around 2 weeks later when they returned to the original 105.3 FM frequency.

    Sadly, this caused the station to lose ratings, and by 2000, they changed their format to Hot Talk/Active Rock format. As of now, the station is now 105.3 The Fan, KRLD-FM, Dallas, Fort-Worth.
  • Wow....What I found the most interesting is that the station paid TM to re-sing them just for a couple of weeks broadcasting! 😲
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