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Etiquette and ethics

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There was a recent discussion regarding etiquette and ethics on the forum.
I'm not going to draw attention to it by putting links but there are listings on ebay for jingles which have been swapped and traded in good faith.
I think putting them on ebay for a lot of money is quite frankly not cricket.
If anyone wants to buy some Pams International tapes for over £100 thats up to them and you can put whatever price you want on them and good luck to you but selling traded items in my book is the highest for of t%^ttery.
I'm happy to trade / swap / share jingles with people - and having WAV's / Files that can easily be transferred without degrading quality is a huge benefit but selling stuff you've been given - especially at inflated prices puts you on my blacklist.



    If there's indeed someone "out there" daft enough to pay that kind of money for stuff like that,
    then I'm sitting on a goldmine!

    I'd rather "keep my good reputation".
    After all, its taken 50+ years to earn it.
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    Yes, I do find that a little frustrating - someone trying to profit from work that is not their own to sell.

    I can't say that I'm even a "swapper or trader" of jingles, if anyone has ever asked me for any of my jingles I have happily shared, in the hope that one day someone will return the favour if there's anything of interest I am looking for. I know a lot on here are the same, and some of the guys on here have been amazing - I always say that any cuts I have done are automatically in their inbox should they be wanted.

    We are a great community here. I have nowhere near the collection some of you guys have, but it's great being part of the jingle community!
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    If they tried to sell what they got from you for free, I understand where you are coming from. Then again, I don't know what their circumstances may be.
    Speaking of etiquette, here are a few things that I've experienced lately.

    When trading:

    Please have a list of what you have. It always raises questions when the other collector has no list. I know many people don't. I had to add about 50 packages on my list the other day. It only took about 40 minutes. It can be done.

    Don't ask me to send you something you don't have when I don't know what you don't have because you don't have a list.

    Don't ask me to look on your list and then find something from my list that's not on your list, then send it to you. If you need the help for health reasons, I will gladly help you out as much as possible.
    Be decisive. Tell me what you want, and I will do the same.

    Make the other collector a priority for the amount of time it takes to get business done.
    If someone wants something from me, I make them a priority.
    If I have something you need for your collection, I will get it to you quickly. I don't understand collectors who know they have something you really need for your collection, but don't care. I know all too well about trying to get someone to help, but they won't. Being busy doesn't cut it anymore. If there's going to be a delay, a simple 10 second email is all you need.
    I make everyone I deal with a priority for as long as it takes to accomplish the task. If I make a mistake, let me know. I will fix it.

    Answer your emails. If someone offers their email on their website or otherwise, and you don't hear from them after a few days, move on. It only takes a few seconds to explain if there is a delay. If you feel like it's one -sided, and the other person's emails are hit and miss, move on. Again, busy doesn't cut it.

    If someone says they will get to it later, move on. This has happened to me over and over again. I had one collector who finally admitted that they didn't actually have the equipment to do my request, after months of waiting. They might not have meant to, but I felt lead on. A simple explanation from the beginning would have been sufficient. I think most people are understanding. At the end of the day, it's their reputation.

    Some collectors say it's just a hobby. This says a lot about them. There are people behind the hobby. The collector may have been looking for the jingle package in your collection for years. There are avid collectors out there. It is more than a hobby for these collectors.

    If you're selling something, and then don't answer your emails, don't be surprised when the other person gets it from someone else, probably for free.

    At the end of your correspondence, say thanks.

  • indeed. you are spot on.
  • just my "2 cents"--but ANYONE selling jingles on Ebay (or similar sites) is a LOW-LIFE...!!
  • I agree with Michael - I really hope no one falls for it.

    Dick Turpin wore a mask - this person hides behind the username benatk0 and I think many of us here can guess at who this really is....

    Apparently if anyone shows any interest, this seller sends them a secret lower offer price to try and snare a sale.
  • Wot?!?
    £150 for a Steve England Vol3 (!) CD?
    £8 for a N96 square mini-sticker ?

    I could have had a decent pension top-up if I'd been doing this, with stuff like that from
    once-upon-a-time in my collection, stuff that I binned ages ago as worthless "old junk"!

    (What am I bid for a 1990's Channel 103 Tee-Shirt then ?!?!?!)

  • I think this is about something else, but I'm not really sure why it's a big deal.
    I've seen people on this forum directing people to look on ebay for jingles. There are also members on this forum that have sold their KENR cds on EBAY and on here. There are other JM members who are selling jingles off of their website.
    I've had some of the most infamous jingle collectors tell me EBAY is a good place to look for jingles.
    No one is forcing anyone to buy them. It's no difference than buying them off of a yard sale.
    People can do what they want.

    What really bugs me is all the money I spent on demos and jingles that are now available for free on internet websites.
    The only saving grace is that they are posting other things that I didn't buy.
    I know someone who spent money on a jingle package. Within a few weeks much of the package showed up on the internet. That collector said he would never have bought the package if he knew it was going to be posted. This is why I don't post jingles. True collectors look for years to find certain items they are looking for, including purchasing them. Then all of a sudden, it gets posted by someone else and everyone in the world has it for free.
    I'm not against trading or swapping, but I do think it should be done in private. It's okay to post a jingle or two, but not the whole package or main cuts.
    In this case,, at least the seller isn't sending it out to the world for free, when other collectors probably paid for it.

  • Some interesting points there, Bruce.

    Many of us on here have rare or even unique "Collectors items" that are "physical" as well as,
    say, "transferred to the digital domain". e.g. reels that will likely never be played on an analogue
    reel-to-reel machine ever again, but it would be easy to flog "digital dubs" of them on
    whatever internet platform.
    But we don't. Some things DON'T "get out".

    I've certainly bought "Holy Grail" items on many occasions, but not online but from the "official sources".
    And not re-sold copies. Swaps - yes, but with Trusted Collectors. And again, things don't "get out".

    "It's okay to post a jingle or two, but not the whole package or main cuts"

    Bruce, if you have a deep trawl though JM posting history, you'll find a HUGE amount of montages
    of things that JM collectors have, and those montages are effectively samplers to show off what
    people have to trade or swap or even donate, privately, but its VERY rare indeed to find postings
    here in-the-clear unless material already very much in the public domain.

    Respecting the interests of the producers/companies is something we do - and by their favour
    they let us "get to play" with their "six-second songs" that we like so much.
    We even buy Personal Cut re-sings!

    PS - I spent a fortune over several years on a lot of KenR CDs and so on - at some point out of
    necessity I will be selling them - but it'll only be privately and to known collectors.

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    I don't understand the name-calling.
    People have been selling items such as this for many years.

    As for selling your items, it's no different than selling books or records at a yard sale. I doubt there is hardly anyone who hasn't gone to a yard sale and hasn't bought items from someone who wasn't an 'official source.'
    On the other hand, some 'official sources' put their stuff out on the internet after WE bought some of that same stuff from them.

    Jingle packages ARE being posted on-line. There are many other platforms out there.

    As far as keeping stuff to yourself, that's your prerogative, just be sure you make it clear you're not giving it out.
    Let me add if you have something someone really needs for their collection,
    be helpful. Surely some consensus can be agreed upon.

  • "I don't understand the name-calling"--you WOULD if someone took YOUR "work" and made money off it...
  • I don’t have any objections to people selling off original CDs on Ebay which were issued/sold by the jingle production companies, but some items I’ve noticed for sale recently are just CD-R copies, which surely must be a no no!
  • nleibo wrote: »
    just my "2 cents"--but ANYONE selling jingles on Ebay (or similar sites) is a LOW-LIFE...!!

    No different to selling a Britney Spears CD on eBay or a yard sale.
  • WAVA wrote: »
    nleibo wrote: »
    just my "2 cents"--but ANYONE selling jingles on Ebay (or similar sites) is a LOW-LIFE...!!

    No different to selling a Britney Spears CD on eBay or a yard sale.

    It's people with more money than sense that makes me laugh! ???
    I don't even sell my 30 year collection of Readers Wives Magazines for that amount! ?
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