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One Love for a Solid Gold GEM

They say that imitiation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Well, myself, Graham Collins and of course, Len Groat, have all been influenced one way or another in the jingles we've used on air by a certain BBC network.

However, it wasn't until recently until I put this together that I found out how many we'd actually used!! Mind you, we do have an ex-R1 jock with us (Jen Costello) so I suppose we're allowed :smiley:

On their 54th Anniversary, Happy Birthday Radio 1 from your friends at Solid Gold GEM... and see if you can spot my new personal cuts too!


  • Excellent Jingles Dave...(Pepper Tanner as well) ?
    You don't hear them on Rewound Radio! ?
  • Excellent montage of jingles Dave …. and love your new personal cuts, especially the Hit Radio #07 stutter “DDDDDave Nightingale”! Great work. ?
  • edited October 2021
    That's a great montage of jingles.
    On their 54th Anniversary, Happy Birthday Radio 1
    And it seems like only yesterday that they were 21!
    Jeez, how time is flying by.
  • Lots of gold in there Dave ! I do like your new Solid Gold GEM sung jingles - good work
  • Thank you so much for posting this, I do listen to Solid Gold GEM every weekday while I am working from home but you did forget the jingle that Dave Nightingale plays every day, see Jingle 30 on this link:-
    for two of the Radio 1 Originals from the late 80's.
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