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Capital Radio 604

Hello all,
I've been directed here by someone I contacted regarding the jingle package of Capital Radio 604 from the late 1970's.

So, a bit of background ( and forgive me if you already know this stuff), Capital Radio 604 broadcast across Southern Africa between late 1979 and sometime in 1996; the station was pretty much a clone of Capital 194 in London, with many of the same jingles (and some new ones), which were sung by Mike Smith of the Dave Clark 5.

I'm trying to locate the original master tapes of these jingles, or 1st generation copies if they still exist.
My research suggests that the package was recorded by Sue Manning Music, which I am told no longer exists.

What might have happened to the tapes? I can't believe they were just chucked in a skip or wiped and re-used; they must exist somewhere, surely?

The station closed down in 1996 and has since re-surfaced online, but the jingles they have are pretty low quality, probably old cassette copies of studio carts.

Does anyone know anything about the fate of the original tapes? Or would it be too much to hope that someone here has access to decent quality copies?

Sorry for the lengthy post; any help you may be able to offer would be massively appreciated.



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