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Searching Another 70s Generic ID set

The first very small town radio station (midwestern USA) I worked for was cheap. Make that capital "C" capital "HEAP" CHEAP! That they ever had even a generic jingle package surprised me. But 50 years later, nostalgia strikes and I'm trying to track it down. As I recall it was not only a set of IDs but also included print campaign art for newspaper ads, station stationery, etc. The basic theme in the IDs being "keep listening 'cause the Good Times are here." The music and vocals weren't bad. A variety of different styles. Just typical music bed for station VO guy to say the calls into the vocal sing type generic ID. With this stations owners, I'd guess some type of barter deal. Maybe cash. If any of you can give me a name on who marketed these and better yet where I might find an mp3 of the IDs, I'll be forever grateful.


  • Found the newspaper ad art on Year was 1973. It's now my user avatar. Radio station was WSMJ Greenfield IN. Owner also had stations in Middletown and Portmouth OH. Likely did a deal to use this on all three radio stations.
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